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Happy Holidays y'all...but get ready for 2018!!!

Fingadelic Music is proud to announce the launch of two new affiliate music labels - Elite Frequency Group and 143 Entertainment!! We will continue to bring you the West Coast, funk, and talkbox music you love, but these affiliates will bring you music from all the different music productions Fingazz creates.

Elite Frequency Group is a diverse world curating creative talent in many genres from indie hip-hop to polished retro pop. The first big push of 2018 will be Allen Paris (formerly known as Jah-Free), with a new 80's MJ inspired future-retro sound produced by Fingazz.

143 Entertainment (launching Q1 of 2018) is a genre specific project label. The mission is to bring back the good lovin' feeling of 80's and 90's R&B, but with a new modern twist. All songs are Fingazz written and produced featuring the best hand-picked talent to perform these masterpieces. If you're tired of the same trap song over and over again, and miss that musical goodness found only in the classics, 143 will make you fall in love with music again!!

The Talkstar talkbox is finally here!! Beta units are being tested now by the industry's top talkboxers, and pre-orders will begin in Q1 of 2018. Not only is The Talkstar the ONLY professional self-powered talkbox, it is the ONLY talkbox designed specifically for synth use (not guitar like the others). Not only does it sound incredible, it also adds and amazing performance driven light show to take your talkbox performance to another level. All Talkstars come with a FREE membership to The Talkstar online training course, the ONLY comprehensive course designed by Fingazz himself, based off his 20+ years experience playing the talkbox professionally. The course includes basic to advanced techniques, secrets, recording tips, and amazing custom patches for all popular talkbox-friendly synths.

Get ready for an amazing 2018!! Thank you for all your support.

Happy Holidays from Fingazz and Fingadelic Music!!

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